I am a Motorcyclist

My name is Michael Murray…

and I am a “Motorcyclist”




How many of you remember your first motorcycle experience?


My Name is Michael Murray, and I am a Motorcyclist

My Name is Michael Murray, and I am a Motorcyclist

I remember my first experience.

I was about 7 or 8 years old when my older brother got a “Trail-Bike“.

I was fascinated and I would watch him ride up and down our driveway and in our back yard – studying how he rode and how he took took the controls.

I waited for that one day when he finally rode up to me, lifted-up the visor of his helmet and said:


Hey, wanna give it a try?


And with a big smile, I jumped up – grabbed the handle bars of the trail bike – threw my leg over the seat – gave it some throttle – popped out the clutch… the bike launched out from under me…

…and I landed on my butt.


1965 Honda Trail Bike

1965 Honda Trail Bike

That was was my first motorcycle experience. And I got up, dusted myself off, picked up the bike and got on it again and I rode off. And I loved it.


I knew, in that very moment… that I was a Motorcyclist.


And as we Riders know, it’s not all about the “bike”…


It’s about the FREEDOM,




It’s about the CAMARADERIE with our riding-community,

and the CONNECTION to the environment – out in nature on the open roads.

It’s about the connection to Man and Machine!


In addition to my many years of riding, I also have the unique experience of filming a motorcycle documentary, riding my motorcycle 5,000 miles across America on the Trans-Am Trail… riding day-after-day for 35-days on some of the most challenging terrain and riding conditions you can image.


Photo by Michael Murray - On The Trans-America Trail

Photo by Michael Murray | Copyright © 2013 | On The Trans-America Trail


The excitement of motorcycle travel is out there waiting for us all.


Michael Murray
Owner | Rider | Enthusiast | Motorcyclist

Michael Murray - Rider / Cameraman

Michael Murray









What was YOUR first motorcycle?


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